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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) was established in the year 2008 with the vision of developing the department as a Centre of Excellence in Research and Development. The main focus is to make the students blossom into meritorious and self-disciplined engineers by smart work.

Every facet of life today is associated with electronics in one way or other. Either it is computer (Hardware) or Communication (Multimedia) or a control, Electronics serves as the   link. The exciting world of electronics needs very good mathematical background and also an analytical mind. The opportunities in electronic field are countless such as Application developers, system engineers, integrators and information technology.  Mobile telephony has shrunk the world. Hazardous situations can be handled safely with electronics with robots for disposing bombs, handling the wastes and precision operations. Subjects on Digital Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Fuzzy logic and Neural Networks, VHDL and VLSI, Digital Communication, Embedded System, Microprocessors, Micro Controllers and Microwaves are studied as part of the course.

The laboratories on Electron devices, Electronic circuit, Communication, Microprocessor and Interfacing, Digital Signal Processing, Analog and Digital integrated Circuits, Digital and fiber optic communication cater the needs of ECE students.


  • Practice the ethics of their profession consistent with a sense of social responsibility and develop their engineering design, problem –solving skills and aptitude for innovations as they work individually and in multi disciplinary teams.
  • Communicate effectively and manage resources skillfully as members and leaders of the profession.
  • Be receptive to new technologies and attain professional competence through lifelong learning such as advanced degrees, professional registration, publications and other professional activities.




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