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 YOUNG SCIENTIST 2017 (Tiruppur Edition) inauguration - Honouring the Chief Guest..


Our Cricket Team have won the VIT Riviera Trophy and Received Trophy with a cash award of Rs.20,000 from the Indian Cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin..

Capgemini Visits for Campus Recruitment.....


TECHBREEZE'17 - Chief Guest: Mr. Robo Shankar,Actor


Placement Day 2017 .. 

Sixth Graduation Day ceremony-Chief Guest : Thiru.A.Pari,IPS.,Inspector General of Police,West Zone,Tamilnadu.


Our College Cricket Team Secured Bronze Medal in Anna University Tournament Held at KSRCT....

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  • Orientation Program by various heads on the semester start
  • Personalility development programs throughout the year
  • Membership in variuos technical chapters such as IEEE, ISTE, CSI, ICTACT, etc.,
  • Pedagogical training for freshers
  • FDP & SDP are arranged for every semester
  • Financial Sponsorship for attending workshops, seminars and conferences
  • Individual Cabin with system facilities
  • Sponsorship for Ph.D. scholars
  • Provision of vacation for marriage occasion
  • On Duty for attending workshops, seminars, conferences, paper valuation and industrial Visits
  • Soft skill training by trained professionals


  • College working hour is between 8.50 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.
  • All staff members have to mark their the attendance twice a day (8.45 a.m. – 9.00 a.m. and after 4.35 p.m. onwards)
  • All staff members have to be in the Institute during the working hours and follow the prescribed dress code
  • Faculty have to handle the theory, laboratory and other classes for the full duration
  • University Examination work is mandatory for all faculty members
  • The appointment can be terminated with three calendar month’s notice by either side or payment of three month’s pay in lieu of notice period. Notice period must be co-terminus with the end of semester
  • The promotion to higher cadre depends on Experience, Teaching, Research and satisfactory academic related activities in the college
  • P.F. contribution are being made regularly to the eligible Teaching and Non-Teaching staff members
  • Faculty are eligible for 12 days of casual leave per year in addition to government holidays
  • Faculty have to take leave getting prior sanction from the HOD and the Principal with proper alternative arrangement.  Leave can be informed over phone only in case of emergency
  • Staff members can avail one hour permission twice a month.  However such a facility is to be used only for essential needs
  • Lady faculty can avail 3 months of maternity leave
  • The faculty have to abide by the rules and regulations of the institutions framed from time to time for the effective functioning of the college


  • Teaching staff are normally eligible for four weeks of vacation per year and Non-teaching staff are normally eligible for two weeks of vacation per year
  • The Principal has the right to prevent any staff members from availing a portion or the whole of vacation if the services of the particular individual is considered essential
  • Only staff members who have completed 1 year of service, as on date of commencement of the vacation period, are entitled for vacation
  • No leave can be combined with the vacation.  The staff member has to be present on the last working day prior to the vacation and also on the first working day after the vacation to become eligible to draw the vacation salary
  • Personal O.D.s will not be adjusted during the vacation in general.  However the Principal may permit based on genuine needs
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