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The second and third year students are encouraged to undertake mini project work. Students get the experience in designing and creating software’s. This makes students attain better knowledge in understanding the functioning of various software’s and components.

Title of the Mini Projects done by the students(2013-2014):

1.Development of a feature-rich, practical online leave management system (lms)

2. Development of an auto-summarization tool

3. Development of an online library management system

4. Development of a feature-rich, practical online on-request courses coordination system

5. Development of a user friendly, feature-rich, practical online testing system

6. Development of an e-post office system

7. Development of effort tracker system

8. College management system

9. Human resource management system

10. Java mail filter


1. Web based applications for insurance services

2. Cold boot attack

3. Virtual class rooms

4. Electronic mail server

5. Sudoku

6. Bluetooth hotspot

7. Result alert system with e-mail and sms

8. Bug tracking system

9. Partial face recognition using core features of the face

10. Face recognition in e-attendance

11. Online examination system

12. Chat server

13. Bluetooth home automation

14. Visualization and Damage Identification in Railway Tracks

15. Study of Traffic Survey System using Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

16. Focused crawling for wild life informative site.

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